Critroll #3

Critroll #3

I know that we are not the only ones out there that over spend on our gaming hobby. Our budget right now doesn’t really allow for to many fun purchases, but sometimes it is so easy to say “It will be fine, I don’t need to eat.”

We have started quite a collection of tabletop games. Everything from Carcassone to King of Tokyo to Arkham Horror. We are already planning out changes to our game room. We are budgeting in a new gaming shelf with our tax return. I hope it will fit everything, I would hate to have to get two… I might be lying.

We are both guilty of over spending on games. I am surprised our bank account hasn’t sent us a cease and desist letter. I almost got caught up into Kickstarter purchases, but risk vs reward was enough to bring it to a halt.

Anyway, happy gaming everyone.

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