CritRoll Number 4

CritRoll #4

I love trying out new board games with friends. Unpacking a newly purchased game makes me quite happy. Learning the rules, however, is a bit less interesting to me. In fact, I probably rely on my friends to read and figure out the rules far too often. I will happily start messing with the components in hopes that someone else will pick up the rules… and it usually works. (Thank you to this person… they know who they are.)

Of the many games I have learned with a group. One where no one has learned the rules yet. Is that we all want to play, but retaining the rules, as they are read, is something we are not very good at.

We often have to re-read the rules just to get going. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the owner of the game to come back the following week with a few things that we were not doing right. I don’t think it is a lack of ability to learn that trips us up… but I think we are slightly over confident in our understanding.

I know that there are other groups out there like us. To them I say… hi.

Happy Gaming Everyone.

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