CritRoll #5

CritRoll #5

I do love a good round of Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon every so often. I would say that I am a very well seasoned player, but by no means tournament capable. One of my favorite things to do is deck building. I can spend hours brewing combos… even if the final result is not the most competitive, I love seeing my ideas work. It is probably why I enjoy playing casually with friends over anything else.

If you have never tried a collectible card gameI recommend grabbing a friend and giving it a shot. I will warn you though, it can be fairly addicting. I have corrupted numerous people on and watched them spend hundreds of dollars on them. But hey, we all had fun and are better for it.

The last wave of MtG that went through our gaming group was getting fairly competitive. We were playing a special format known as Commander, which allows new and old cards to be played, and it seemed everyone kept bringing stronger decks almost weekly and to get any stronger, people were going to have to start shelling out some serious money… I think everything kind of ground to a halt. I am sure we will dig up our decks again some day but for now, we have a standing truce.

Right now on my deck building station is the beginning of a combo commander deck that pretty much wins unless someone were to counter me at a couple very precise moments… This is where I stopped building the deck. It felt too powerful and somewhat unfair. Sure it takes several rounds to set up, but once it goes off the game is pretty much over. To me, playing against decks like that has never been fun, and I fear that I have become what I despise. So I stopped building it and pretty much turned down all but a few challenges with my other decks. Everyone else seems to have fallen suit.

Now we are playing Pathfinder again. Right now we are trying to find the best way to play remotely. We have a plan in place, but if you have any recommendations, hit up the facebook page an let me know.

-Happy Gaming Everyone.

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