CritRoll #6

CritRoll #6 – High Charisma

Our game group loves a good round of Pathfinder. But there always to seems to be that one person who thinks that charming a person, or diplomacy, is the solution. It is my belief that there is a percentage chance that that person will also think that seduction is a form of diplomacy. There is also a high probability that person is playing a bard.

When I find myself presented with this challenge as a GM, I usually let it happen at least once. Who doesn’t like a good diplomatic solution every once in a while. But when the dice are in their favor, sometimes you need to be a little more creative with your outcome.

I have also noticed that, even if you try to dissuade it, they are determined. Which leads me to the comic above. Sometimes I let them roll so I can have the opportunity of it failing dramatically. But then that CritRoll comes along and now I have to play it out in their favor…

Either way, it usually leads to memorable moments. Which is why we play.

Happy Gaming Everyone!

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