CritRoll #8

CritRoll #8 – Analysis Paralysis

I love a good game that makes you think. Sometimes though, there are a lot of moving parts and it takes a while. I am not sure if I ever had a turn that takes quite as long as the comic depicts… but I am sure I have a few experiences that took way longer than they should have.

Usually what happens in a game is someone else gets upset that you are taking forever to decide and calls you out on it. I personally try not to be pushy. I am also known for playing haphazardly if I can not decide, just to keep things moving forward.

There is something else going on in the comic that is a very common for our gaming sessions. That is the food run. Sometimes it is the whole group going out to a restaurant. Sometimes its everyone scattering to to their favorite food places, sometimes it is one big carry-out order.

Either way, it is one of my more anticipated moments. We don’t usually go out to eat or order carry out. Game night is when it gets to happen. We have some pretty decent restaurant choices, but fast food seems to happen more often than not.

Occasionally, we find it difficult to make a decision on when, where, and what. Those are the nights that usually see people going where ever as soon as time allows. There always seems to be a bit of frustration in the group if we do not decide on what to do. I blame it on everyone being hungry. But it could also be the fact that someone has brought up getting something to eat twenty or more times and no decision has yet been made.

Anyway. Happy Gaming Everyone.

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