CritRoll follows the gaming mishaps and adventures of a married couple, Brennan and Elise, and there dedicated friends. Board Games, card games, roleplaying games, and even video games are all on the table. Game night is going to be a blast… provided everyone agrees on what to play.

Posting Schedule

I would love to get 3 strips up a week. But I also work full time and have a family. Oh and a weekly game night that we host. I will be shooting for 3 a week. At some point I hope to get a locked in schedule, but that would require me to start making strips ahead of time. Right now I am just trying to get them out to you as soon as possible.

From the Author

The characters of CritRoll are all inspired by people I know or have met, myself included. Each character is a blend of various people. To say Elise is my wife would probably get me in trouble… but they could be related.

Most of the the content is taken from my real life experiences. Maybe, slightly enhanced for comedic effect. Names and likenesses have been changed to protect the innocent.