CritRoll #7

CritRoll #7 – Victory Lap

Elise in this comic is very much like my wife. My wife has a tendency to really make sure everyone knows that she won. She is quite competitive in board and card games. If she won, everyone will be presented with the conditions and magnitude that she won and she will happily rub your nose in it. (Unless she knows you are upset and not having fun, then she tries to down play it. I have to give her a little slack.)

When she loses… well let’s save those notes for another comic strip.

I hope everyone who is stuck at home right now due to the Covid-19 thing is having a reasonable time with it. I suggest calling and talking to friends and family, it is almost like having the holidays all over… Except you cant go anywhere and there are no presents.

But don’t let that stop you from cooking like your planning a holiday. We have made home made rolls, made chicken noodle soup, made a roast and mashed potatoes… We are stuck in the house and it smells wonderful.

Anyway, Happy Gaming Everyone.

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