CritRoll #9

CritRoll #8 – Is it real?

Ah yes, this is a dilemma I deal with semi-regularly. I will have the money set aside. My wife will be encouraging me to buy something… and I will just stand there staring at all of the games.

Sometimes I have the money and don’t know what game I want. Or I will have a few games in mind that I would like to buy, but I can not decide. Or I will decide and then change my mind on the way to the counter. Or I will have a dreading fear that I should be using the money on something else.

I also have found myself standing there staring at the back of the game box. I will be on the edge of commitment, then put the game back on the shelf. There is always that little voice in my head that says “What if it sucks?” or “What if no one wants to play it?” or “Is my wife going to want to play?” (I do love playing table top games with her and I would really like to get something we can both enjoy.)

There have been a number of times that I just end up leaving and being mad at myself for not buying anything when I could. If I had the budget to do so, I would probably own half the games in existence. But that is not my fate I am afraid.

One day… maybe.

Happy Gaming Everyone!


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